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machu picchu

Cusco- Machupicchu

(3 days - 2 Nights)

traditional cusco

Traditional- Cusco

(4 days - 3 Nights)

sacred valley

Sacred Valley of the Incas

(6 days - 5 Nights)

  • Machu Picchu

Fall Journeys

Viaje-de Otoño-2016-Machu-Picchu

March Equinox 2018

(08 Days - 07 Nights)

The Birth of the New Sun, Mark the star of a New life
The Blessing of the Rain sent by Viracocha, makes Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) fruitful and prosperous; thus, allowing her bountiful blanket to provide food and seeds for all her children who receive the flowers, fruits, and seeds for chants, festivals and rituals which doing birth the joy, love and the good vibes, in all their hearts. In the land of ... 


Inka Trail to Machu Picchu

Camino Inca Km104 016

Inka Trail 2018

(07 Days/ 06 Nights)

Beautiful journey through the Andes to see the most important solar event on the year in different power places around the sacred Valley, is your opportunity to receive the energy of the sun and wake up the flame of love in your heart, join us to this event in Machu Picchu


Healing Journeys

Viaje de Sanacion Nov 2017 001

November 2016 

(08 Days 07 Nights)

Join us on a fabulous journey through the Peruvian Andes to experience the Inca culture, discovering in the mountains, beautiful stone cities that were once important places and power centers, once inhabited by people dedicated to create powerful energy and sacred places. To worship and respect nature, where year after year the new sun was honored to start the new andean year and transform us into a son of the sun...


Spring Journeys

 Viaje de Primavera 001-A

September Equinox 2018

(08 Days/07 Nights)

Beautiful journey



DSCN9817 B

Mayo 2016

Del 30 de Abril al 10 de Mayo

(9 Day/ 8 Nights)

Hermoso Viaje de reconexion con el Universo y la Madre Tierra donde podra disfrutar de Ceremonias Andinas, Ceremonias de Meditacionde y Energizacion para Canalizar la Energia Universal a la Madre Tierra..


Journeys by the Wiraqocha Route

Shamanic Journey by WR 2016 025

May 2018

(13 Days/ 12 Nights)

Beautiful Journey by the route of Gods, where you could experience the energy of the feminine polo of the planet, see the sunrise on the Pacha Mama Temple and enter to the Bidimensional Gate to arrive to the Imperial city of Cusco and after to trip around of the power places, temples and inca cities, arrive to the Crystal City of Machu Picchu and receive the solar initiation.


About Us


Brothers and sisters, children of the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and Wiraqocha, we know that there are in the world powers centers that radiate energy. We are privileged to have in the Ande the Inca's sacred land .Many sites are considered as wonders, but for the spiritual people like us, the sites are considered as power centers and energy sources. Energy capable of generating and transforming life . It is the divine energy in action.

Our mission is to understand and accept the presence of Divine Energy in every one of us. In doing so, we accept the great presence of this in our being, our home, world and in our affairs.