Guided tour on the Inca city of Cusco, the archaeological capital of America,

"The Puma City"

Where you could discover the essence of an ancient culture and the mysteries from its streets, palaces and temples like "The Koricancha", temple to their gods, "The Kusicancha" where has borned the Inca Pachacutec, Sacsayhuaman "House of the Sun", Qenqo "The Astronomical Center" where year after year the Sun lights the altar and shown us the shadow of the puma, solar event know as the Awaken of the Puma. Amaru Machay the temple of the snakes and Kusilluchayuc temple dedicated to the heart of Mother Earth "Pachamama", finishing our tour in the Inca trail that come to the imperial city.

Come with us with open heart to feel the energy from each place around of the city and discover in each street, temple and palaces a beautiful history about the Inca Culture.